Pink Tartan at Fashion Week

It’s been exactly one year since I entered the World MasterCard Fashion Week tents for the first time. And while I may finally understand the whole, find-my-seat-in-a-timely-manner (it’s harder than you’d think!) thing, there are still many firsts for me to experience.  This year, I’m checking out collections I have never seen IRL, starting with Pink… Read More »

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Pink Tartan opens Yorkville flagship store, Seventy Seven, and we get a special tour by designer Kimberley Newport-Mimran

Kimberly Newport-Mimran has freed Pink Tartan from the shackles of the department store, dignifying it with the Yorkville flagship it deserves. Opening this Saturday, Seventy Seven is more than just a shiny uptown boutique with a few expensive (yet painfully desirable) pieces. Instead, Mrs. Newport has arranged that Pink Tartan has plenty of friends to… Read More »

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