World MasterCard Fashion Week Day 2: Matierre Noire, Malorie Urbanovitch, Melissa Nepton

There’s something about fashion week that I find troubling. Well, perhaps not troubling, but slightly confusing. Every season I read about someone saying they #WearCanada, and how people should #WearCanadian. And then, of course, most people don’t, and that’s not really a shocker. But what I find really fascinating is this undying support for an… Read More »

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World Mastercard Fashion Week Designers We Love: Montreal’s Mélissa Nepton

Created with urban career women in mind, the Montreal-based Mélissa Nepton label was established in 2009. Celebrating an accessible sophistication and a study in movement and a sense of fluidity, Nepton’s designs outfit silhouettes of all shapes. Her garments are entirely made in Canada and Mélissa Nepton’s Spring/Summer 2014 ready-to‐wear collection, entitled Pikuseru, which means… Read More »

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Montreal Boutique of the Week: Unicorn

The Shop: As a devoted wearer of all things black, I feel right at home at Unicorn. The black floor, furniture and ornate decor pieces (black-painted birdcages, baroque candelabras and light fixtures) give the shop the look of an edgy, kinda gothy art gallery, particularly with original jewelry displayed against picture frames, hand-drawn prints of young, dreamy… Read More »

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