Power Ball: Quarter Life Crisis gave us all a license to behave like debaucherous twenty-somethings

The annual art fundraising blowout at Power Plant Gallery already has a longstanding reputation as a night that provokes risqué behaviour, but layering on a theme that begs partygoers to relive their self-indulgent, carefree youth meant that the somewhat grey line between letting loose and acting downright audacious disappeared. Guests were not only invited to… Read More »

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Starting this Wednesday, Philip Sparks is hosting a pop up shop at SMASH in the Junction, and he made a cool guide to the 'hood

On Wednesday, September 21st, Philip Sparks’ Junction Trunk Shop will open its doors for five days only. Nestled in cool-kid antique furniture store SMASH, the Toronto designer’s temporary travelling store will hawk its wares in the coolest of ‘hoods until September 25th. Sparks’ sharply tailored designs run the perfect balance between rugged lady-of-the-woods and Ali… Read More »

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