PHOTO GALLERY: FAT 2012 injects a Circus School in a desolate West End Loft Neighbourhood with Art, Movement and Real Girl's Boobs

Anything goes. Regular (gasp), beautiful bodies strut the runway. People in charge with clipboards and headsets also wear white paper eyebrows stuck to their real ones. I’m pleasantly reminded as I head to my seat on Friday for a night of “FUTUREscapes” that this ain’t no pouty fashion show. This is Toronto’s very own 7th… Read More »

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11 Things I learned at #SMWTO Social Media Week Toronto: The Week-Long Event where it's kind of OK to Tweet to Someone Across the Room instead of Speaking to Them

From February 13-17, in 21 cities, and with over 60,000 participants worldwide from Washington DC to Sao Paolo, Social Media Week held over 80 events all over downtown Toronto. The event is in its 4th year, and like most things world wide web & technology, Social Media Week has seen rapid growth. Before noon on Monday of… Read More »

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