Cozy fashion for the chilly fall season ahead

The first part of September is always a little more glamorous than the second half. We quickly move from TIFF red carpet events into cooler weather, leaf crunching and long walks with steaming herbal tea. While we could bitch about the chill in the air, it’s better to just get cozy and embrace it. Here… Read More »

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Joe Mimran gets turned into a Barbie by Mattel

Quick, someone – ring the big bell, Joe Mimran is the FIRST Canadian to be turned into a Barbie!! Truthfully, she always needs more guys to play with anyway. If we were still rolling around on the floor playing Barbies, Joe Mimran would probably take on a Daddy Warbucks type character versus a competitive suitor… Read More »

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Change is Good…

There is revolution in her eyes. Like two blue sapphires they shine and sparkle from across the street, signaling a change that is coming. He stares at her from within the crowd and slowly inches forward, trying to meet her gaze. She is a warrior, he can tell. Beneath the long brown hair and the large… Read More »

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