I Will Not Be A Celeb This Year

Now that your champagne headache’s worn off and the mystery of your midnight kiss has been seemingly solved, it’s about time the shame sets in. Three un-washable stamps stain your hand, there’s a hundred outgoing calls on your cell, and you’ve got recollections of telling your cousin how hot he is. Never again, you vow.… Read More »

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The great debate started a month ago, (actually three months ago – but that’s just embarrassing) – what to be for Halloween? Why does it always happen that we have over ambitious ideas and then three days before Halloween the panic sets in and (once again) we end up tearing through Value Village trying on… Read More »

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Free Angelina!

A manifesto dedicated to releasing the reluctant bisexual. by Radcliffe U. Hall Angelina Jolie, Pink and the chick that played Marcia Brady. All of these women have something in common. They are all non-practicing bisexuals. Or, more specifically, they are retired. I know people believe that sexuality is “fluid” but you have to draw the… Read More »

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Double doubles, toils and troubles

Maybe it’s the orange mystery punch that makes your legs tingle, but there’s something spookily superb about Halloween. Just when nothing seemed scarier than your Thanksgiving leftover family rage, this wicked rules-free slutfest reminds us mere mortals how holidays should be: drug-fuelled, full-mooned (you know what I mean), novelty costume-clad and drenched in fake blood.… Read More »

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Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122-1204)

by Lizzie Why We Should Care: She’s a role model for heiresses everywhere. Look no further, Paris Hilton, for advice on how to get out of a shit marriage without losing the land and on mothering your boys into vicious regicide conspirators. Being the most eligible bachelorette in Europe she served a stint first as… Read More »

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