On Olivia Chow, Female Leadership, and a Sexist Culture

I recently read a news story by Sarah Neville about Toronto mayoral candidate Olivia Chow. Neville noted that Chow was criticized by peers, enemies, the media, male and female colleagues alike, for not being a great communicator. The article went on to cite research stating that women, visible minorities, and the elderly are all critiqued… Read More »

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PHOTOS! Olivia Chow’s World Pride Party at Woody’s

Drag queens took to the stage to celebrate the kick-off of World Pride with Toronto Mayoral Candidate Olivia Chow last week. Performers included Mahogany Browne, Sapphire Titha-Reign, Allysin Chaynes and Slimthick Monroe. You can catch Olivia Chow marching in the World Pride Parade this Sunday on Church Street, while Rob Ford gets a sunburn at… Read More »

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Take your mind off the election with Mayor’s Quest

The whole Rob Ford thing (see: TERM OF POLITICAL OFFICE, SOMEHOW) has been a bottomless well of nightmare. Disappointment after disappointment, racist, homophobic tirade after stories of driving drunk with kids in the car after public slip and fall after sweatyface. Ugh. With the possibility that he might emerge from rehab (or at the very… Read More »

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An Open Letter to Americans Regarding Rob Ford

Dear Americans, There is no question that your country’s entertainment industry has an enormous influence on ours. From TV, magazines, movies to music, we eat it all up. That being said, as a Torontonian who is extremely happy and proud of this city, for the love of god, PLEASE STOP ENABLING Rob Ford. If you… Read More »

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