How I became a reluctant Ashtanga Yoga convert

There comes a time in every young lady’s life when she must take action. As if gray hairs, decreased tolerance to booze, and there’s-a-reason-we-don’t-keep-a-shotgun-in-the-house hangovers aren’t enough of a fuck you to my fleeting youth, I couldn’t help but start noticing changes in my body. Droopy, flabby, gunty changes. “Welcome to your mid-twenties, bitch,” said the… Read More »

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Lululemon Athletica + The National Ballet present The Expansion Series: YOGA AT THE NATIONAL BALLET OF CANADA

Lululemon and The National Ballet have partnered to present a series of yoga classes, and we think it’s a perfect fit. Tonight, Amber Joliat from MISFITSTUDIO will lead a powerful vinyasa practice centred around love. What could be a more perfect end to your Valentine’s week then meditating on what love really means to you?… Read More »

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