Whether you’re a long time yoga addict, or looking to get into the habit, the Passport to Prana is an amazing way to explore the many different studios and classes on offer in Toronto. With one little $30 pass, you can try over 30 studios in the GTA alone, with more on offer outside the city. How does it work? Your passport entitles you to one class at each of the participating studios. This year, the cards are active as of May 1st, and don’t expire until February 28th, 2012, giving you plenty of time to check out different studios, new classes, or a type of yoga you’ve always been nervous to try. And now is the time to buy: Preorder before April 15th, and your card will arrive, bright and shiny and ready to activate, on the first of May, ensuring you get to stretching as soon as possible! For more info click here, or here to pre-order.