There are a lot of mattresses that seem cozy and nice, but can’t back it up with legit credentials.

So, you’d think that a mattress that is environmentally sustainable, contributes to the welfare of others and arrives via bike courier would either be all hype and no substance or way too expensive. Not the case here!

I didn’t think that I could become passionate about mattresses, but having gotten to know the Endy brand, a Canadian startup with a big heart and impressive social conscious, I’m a fan.

Here are 5 reasons why I’ll be recommending the online mattress retailer to all my pals:

  1. Price points that won’t break the bank

On average, a new Endy costs $750 with no hidden fees or extra charges for shipping in Canada. Since they are made and boxed in Canada (#shoplocal) and sold online, Endy can cut out the retail middle man as well as take advantage of the lower Canadian dollar, allowing their high quality mattresses to be sold at super competitive prices.

If you’re not happy, you have 100 days for a return, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! As for the returned mattresses? They go to a furniture bank, to help those in need. How great is that?

2. Top notch customer service

The first thing that became obvious the minute I set foot in Endy’s gorgeous showroom in The Burroughes Building was the crazy good customer service. Starting with free delivery in Canada, a 100-night risk-free trial, and a growing reputation for truly caring about their clients.

At one point, when a surge in demand caused a supply delay, Endy sent bottles of wine to affected clients. (They get us, they really, really get us).

3. They’re oh-so comfortable

I had a chance to test out the Endy memory foam mattress during my visit and it felt like a friggin’ dream! Just the right amount of cushioning for comfort and firmness that made my back feel perfectly aligned. Composed of 3 layers, the gel-infused top layer cools and disperses body heat, the base keeps your bod propped and properly supported, while the transitional layer acts as a bridge between the two. You can learn more about each of the layers here

4. Bike couriers

That’s right, Endy Sleep now uses bike couriers to deliver their memory foam mattresses and pillows to downtown customers. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe! The mattresses are compressed and shipped from Bolton in a box.

5. They’re basically Oprah

Like talk show maven and samaritan of the century Oprah, Endy likes to help out those in need. The company works closely with Nothing But Nets, an organization dedicated to fighting the spread of malaria in Africa. For every mattress sold, Endy donates a bednet.

Also, be sure to check out Endy on Instagram for your daily dog on mattress inspo; it really is a winning combo.