We live places—some of us big cities, others small towns—that surround us with noise. In Vancouver, I’m always hearing the sounds of Translink buses driving by, of birds chirping (seriously!), of people talking to each other in different languages. Sometimes I think I can hear the ocean, but that might just be wishful thinking. What do you hear in your city? How does it connect you to it? How does it affect you?

These are the types of questions—and answers—that The Noise Project explores. This immersive, messy (their word!), engaging exhibit brings together 25 Toronto-based designers, urban thinkers, and artists to explore noise from “a citizen’s perspective.” That means installations, performance, video, public interventions, sculpture, photography, sound, and locative media. Whoa!

Prior to The Noise Project launch, the 25 “noisemakers” took part in The Nomadic Noise Residency, a five-month curatorial program under the theme of “urban noise in urban spaces.” There they underwent individual and group-led research through urban sound excursions, overnight and outdoor adventures, hands-on workshops, work-in-progress critiques, and noise experiments. Super cool.

Check out The Noise Project at 99 Gallery (99 Sudbury St.) to see how it all came together. Opening night is this Friday, July 26 from 6pm to midnight; on Saturday, July 27 you can visit the exhibition from 11am to 4pm. It’s only running those two days, so don’t miss it!