The Busy Girl's Fashion Bible: Over-The-Knee Boots

by Leeanne Footman

I have to admit it: I don’t know how I feel about this trend. Like anything that verges on couture and campy at once, I think it can look great, when paired with the right outfit. Let me just say right now that the right outfit is NOT fishnet tights, nor is it a mini-skirt with a revealing top. These boots can look uber-stylish, especially with black tights and a cardigan; or with a masculine-cut top. Just beware of the over-the-knee boots- Tread lightly.

Aldo Coffelt Boot, $120

This boot is available in both black satin and grey. The tie on the back adds an interesting detail, but buyer beware: like many Aldo boots the fit is quite narrow and the circumference at the calf is also relatively small. These boots are not for girls with wide feet or larger calves.

Chinese Laundry Tripin, $109

This is the perfect over-the-knee boot. I cannot say it enough! It comes in Black, Brown, Grey and Beige, (a perfect variety of colours), it’s a soft, supple suede, AND…the best part… it has a fold-over top so it can be worn as either an over-the-knee boot or as a regular height below the knee… it’s a solid investment. If you’re sick of being thigh-high by Christmas, you can simply wear it as a regular boot.

Chinese Laundry Turbo, $119

I must admit, I fell madly in love with these boots when Serena wore them on last season of Gossip Girl. These are really cute boots that have a spacious over-the-knee cut, which gives a flattering look, making legs look smaller. (And who doesn’t want that, right?)

Steve Madden, $299.95

A bigger investment, but these boots are high quality, made of nice soft leather with strong stitching. The toe has a slightly rounded point, giving a flattering line to the boot. You can pre-order these now at


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