It’s a partnership forged from gold between husband and wife team Angie Tingas and Michael Proteau. She conceptualizes, and he crafts––creating crisp jewelry from thin sheets of brass and silver.

Together they form Niki and Lola, a cool, contemporary jewelry line named after their two daughters––their most treasured creations.

Holding a preview of their fall/winter line at the stylishly minimal Dundas West restaurant L’Ouvrier, we were treated to a refined collection that was as clean as a fresh sip of water. Inspired by early nomadic wanderers, there’s a hint of geometric preciseness in Tingas’ vision––one that certainly cuts across any type of sartorial inclination. From the fine point of a spear necklace, to the deceptive lightness of a hefty rectangular prism bracelet, the collection is sure to please any girl that you may have on your gift list (yourself included).

Each piece is handmade with love and sealed with a brass and organic artist compound to protect from tarnish. Retailing from $80- 350, the collection is an investment in a family affair. 

You can shop the collection online at

~ Natasha Hunt