The One of a Kind Spring Show

by Rina Grosman
Every year has certain must see shows which are automatically added to the roster and clearly The One of a Kind Spring Show is a no-brainer for any craft creator, lover, purchaser, and enthusiast. This year I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak on Thursday morning before the show opened officially and among the usual suspects I came across some great finds, new artists, and of course some major inspiration! 


Newcomer: Velvet Moustache. Kooky stuffed ‘animals’ for the unconventional upbringing…or for those who had one….a.k.a. art school! Quebec based.

Oldy but a goody: Hoibo bags. Love the shapes and materials; all hand died cottons and and bark tanned leathers that hang just right! Toronto based. 

I wish I had it:  100% recycled leather bags from Baggage. Made from old leather garments and made into beautiful new bags and clutches in vibrant colours and neutral shades. Love the braided straps! 

Whimsical textile scarves by artist Isabelle Veilleux; collaged with silk, yarns, thread, and god knows what else. Wearing it is like bringing a piece of art with you wherever you go. 

Actual Purchases:  

Metalic silkscreened (super soft) t-shirt by Luprints.  Perfect length, perfect fit, how could I say no? Vancouver based. 

Warning! Those cupcakes are soap! Handmade heavenly smelling soaps (all natural) by Botania. You can choose scents that best describe your friends; patchouli child for the hippy, sunny days for the girl that is always cheerful, and rose for the soft and pretty. Quebec based. 

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