On a dark and rainy night, we found refuge in an elegant Annex mansion and were welcomed with the soft glow of flickering shadows cast from delicately arranged tea light candles, finely tossed rose pedals, pretty girls dressed in lace and a sensual fragrance with a flowery wake. Yes, The Society girls know how to throw a perfume party and this one was an ode to Love, Chloe. In the invite sent to their 2000+ Toronto membership, we were told that, “….this social event will combine the glamour of French parlour parties with The Society’s own joie de vivre.” Apparently, everyone knew exactly how to dress for the theme because every girl seemed to look exactly like a walking advertisement for Chloe, Love: graceful, radiant, ultra feminine and, like the bottle, slender in silhouette. There were a lot of pastel hues, fragile knits and layered lace, ruffles and pearls. Click-clacking heels echoed on the hardwood oak floors as guests peaked around corners exploring the house. Catered delights were low-cal and tres petite, which meant circles of women got flirtatiously tipsy on [yellow tail] bubbles and pink ABSOLUT cocktails. The Rue de Lux venue was staged like a whimsical abode for Brigitte Bardot, and on a crisp autumn evening we only wish we could have undressed, thrown some Serge Gainsbourg on the 45 and slipped into the drawn warm bath. Instead, we gathered in the grand foyer and were seized by the high notes from opera singer Georgia Fumanti. Of course, the best part of the evening was waltzing out with a Love, Chloe gift bag and spritzing ourselves with the new eau de parfum that is oh so feminine and free.