It’s been a weird year for Halloween costumes. Nobody wore cupcakes on their boobs (well, somebody probably wore cupcakes on their boobs), a Twilight movie hasn’t come out, and most of the notable names making headlines of late have been deceased. Despite the absence of cult fodder and pre-teen irony, we’ve come up with a list of costume ideas for anyone who is still searching. READ AWAY!

Baby Bey-Z
In the coming months, a shiny pop sensation-to-be will emerge from Beyonce’s uterus, and we can only assume Baby Bey-Z will begin life in a sequined, turtlenecked onesie and Yankees cap. Dress accordingly, with platinum baby accessories.

Spend your Halloween as the ultimate teenage badass, wrapped in fur and wielding a bow and arrow.

Zombie Ned Stark
The Game of Thrones shocker (sorry, spoiler alert) is excellent Halloween costume inspiration-all you need is a cape, leather vest, sword, and a print out of Sean Bean’s face to papier-mache to a balloon and carry around as your head.

Jessica from True Blood in her Little Red Riding Hood costume 
We’re not really into the sexy-for-the-sake-of-it costume thing, but HELLO. If you can pull off this Little Red Riding Hood in lingerie and fierce vampire teeth look, we say do it. Redheads FTW.

Neil Young
This seems like the best idea. Just totally the best. Flannel shirt, harmonica on a neck holder, guitar slung over your back, messy wig, cowboy hat, grumpy face. Bruce Springsteen is also a totally rad costume, as well. Maybe get a group together and be a nostalgic Rolling Stone feature.

For an easy-as-pie group costume, take inspiration from Kristen and co. and dress up in taffeta with your best girlfriends-but if you’re the type of group who fights over who gets to be the bride, may we suggest a solo costume?