Do you know I only found out recently that some people’s thighs DON’T touch? I don’t know how I avoided the reality that of course some people’s don’t, but even though images of Kates Bosworth and Beckinsale and Moss and Middleton (and other non-Kates, surely, but that’s not as alliterative) were everywhere, with that little gap at the top of their legs pretty conspicuous in bathing suits and miniskirts, I just presumed once they stopped posing and started walking that they for sure experienced the same, familiar back and forth of thigh meat on thigh meat. NOT SO, apparently, but this post is not for them.

Everyone else, you know what I’m sayin? Marnie Consky, the female entrepreneur and leg saviour behind Thigh Society, refers to the phenomenon of thigh-on-thigh lovin’ as “chub rub”, and claims she has found the solution: a shorts/underwear hybrid that is NOT shapewear (praise the lord), but that will protect your gams from chafing and your bits from showing as you run/bike/dance around your city this summer.

As an avid wearer of summer dresses and an avid disliker of burny legs, I’m intrigued. Thigh Society’s website promises a no-roll down waistline, stretchy but breathable fabric, anti-chafing flat seams, and a lightweight alternative to bike shorts or Spanx. These shorts aren’t about changing or hiding your shape, but about making your day a little more comfortable. It’s basically long-line underwear, and while that might sound kind of weird and mumsy, they’re plain and simple, kind of reminiscent of the shorts I used to wear under my kilt at Catholic school. I could see these playing an important role in many a summer wardrobe.

You can order them online (or find a local retailer) at

~Monica H.