Because we are throwing our monthly 90s party with Good Kids this Friday at The Annex Wreckroom, it made me think about my ’90s bedroom. In 1995, I was 15 and in Grade 10; this is the stuff that hung on my walls and cluttered my shelves. 

  • Poster of Luke Perry AND Jason Priestly
  • Bart Simpson phone that all my friends idolized
  • CK ONE ads
  • Way too many CDs from Columbia Records that got me into serious financial problems (I eventually had to ask for help from my parents)
  • Basket of Lipsmackers (I was in the Lipsmackers monthly fan club, okay?)
  • Glow in the dark star stickers
  • Slap bracelets that would more often than not cut people
  • Ouija board for slumber parties that always went hand in hand with stolen bottles of wine
  • Koosh Ball came in handy on really boring days
  • Stained and disgusting maroon Converse One-Stars that I wore with used cords and my Dad’s sweaters
  •  Choose Your Own Adventure novels and Sweet Valley High (I idolized those twins!)
  • Timotei Shampoo
  • I wrote the lyrics to “No Need To Argue” by The Cranberries in a gold pen underneath my desk
  • Pink velcro Finder Binder
  • Weezer Blue Album (I listened to “UNDONE” allllll the time)

What was in your ’90s teenage bedroom?

Want to go back in time? Join us at ’90s Party this Friday! Live Fly Girls, $1 Vodka Jello Shots, and a $200 Costume Contest! This month’s theme is IN LIVING COLOUR.

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