It’s impossible to hit every party during TIFF, so we handpicked 20 women, whose style and charisma we admire, to be our spies. They’re red carpet ready in five minutes, always on the guest list, and help bring a party to life with their magnetic personalities and endless energy. Each day they’ll report back the juicy details from the night before.

Name: Ainsley Kerr 

Describe your involvement with TIFF: Residential party goer; lover of amazing events and getting dolled up.

The party(ies) you attended last night: amfAR Gala, Hugo Boss after party for Enemy.

What did you wear? Dress by Nada, my Kate Spade TIFF clutch, Guiseppe Zanotti shoes, earrings from my fiancé. 

Describe the crowd using just 3 words: Celebrities, philanthropists, studded.

Celebs in attendance: Hilary Swank, Adrien Brody, Alan Cumming, Maria Bello, Paul Haggis (AmfAR ); Jake Gyllenhaal, Isabella Rosellini (Enemy).

What you ate: Short ribs and two bites of dessert

Which statement best describes the party;

  1. Best TIFF night EVER!
  2. WTF just happened? O-M-G….omg. GAHHHH!
  3. Celebrities? Who cares, we danced our asses off and met people from Denmark. So there.
  4. I liked the party favours but not sure it was really a “TIFF” party.
  5.  Party was a-ok but then shit got real at the after-after party. Er, not for the internet.
  6. I think I saw someone famous. I dunno.
  7. OB-NOXXXXXXXX-IOUS! Way too many egos.
  8. The night would have been better had I stayed home to organize my accounting. Snoozefest!

AmfAR: #1. Over half a million was raised in a couple of hours to support amfAR’s innovative AIDS research programs—how can that not be amazing!.

Enemy After Party: #3. Truly it was one of the most fun TIFF parties I have been to. While it was star studded; the vibe was unreal. Only interesting people were there and we danced our booties off!