Have you heard? Bees are disappearing. This is bad, because bees pollinate food. $1.2 billion worth a year in Canada. Pesticide use, climate change, pollution and loss of habitat are just some of the factors putting about half of Canada’s 43 types of bumble bees at risk.

That’s why Burt’s Bees has launched the Wild for Bees initiative. In honour of Pollinator Month in June (hee hee hee), Jenny Bird has designed a beautiful bracelet to remind us why we need the bees. 100% of the proceeds from the design will go to Wild For Bees. Last year, they raised over $22, 000 for Canada’s declining bee populations. This initiative is a reminder of the fragile, interconnected environmental balance that is so easily disrupted.

The Wild For Bees bracelet will be available June 1st on jenny-bird.com and at selected Jenny Bird retailers.