Full disclosure: Misty Fox and her mini-me daughter Violet are pretty much our favourite Instagram duo. So, when we found out that Misty was launching a tutorial-focused YouTube channel we were a hella excited to learn from Toronto’s make-up IT girl herself! While at it, we also took the opportunity to find out what Misty’s loving (and hating) in the beauty biz and her top product picks for fall.

SDTC: What’s your favourite way to spend a day in the city, morning to night?

MF: My perfect day would definitely begin with a sleep in, breakfast at home, kid cuddles, dog cuddles, a walk to the park, some vintage shopping, late lunch with friends…Yes that sounds perfect!

SDTC: You’re feeling mentally blocked and uninspired. What do you do to clear your head and rediscover the magic? 

MF: I really enjoy road trips, a change of scenery can really clear your mind and make space for free thoughts; we take off as much as we can. I feel inspired by music, a road trip with my favourite albums blasting usually brings me a lot of inspiration. When it comes to make up, I am constantly inspired by women on the street or at work, Instagram profiles (@Dripbook, @thevioletbook, @moonlightandsoul, @sassandbide and @sheristroh are just a few I like to look at), runway reports from Refinery 29 or Nylon, and of course, my favourite magazine Russh, from Australia.

Misty Fox4

SDTC: What do you love most about your industry? What do you find the most challenging?

MF: I love the ever changing, always exciting opportunities; I never know what life changing job could come my way and I have learned to embrace this uncertainty. I find the odd hours challenging. I usually forget about that as soon as I pick up a make up brush, but I will admit the hours and juggling childcare is tough.

SDTC: What’s one beauty trend that you hope will go away and never come back?

MF: I feel like any look that makes you feel good about yourself, expressive and empowered is always a go, but if I had to choose one – I saw the oily strandy straggly hair a few times in some shows and editorials, I don’t mind slick or wet looks for hair, but those ladies look like they forgot their umbrella. I mean my hair used to look like that when I worked in a fast food chicken shop, I washed all of the dishes and I would leave with my bangs looking like stickers adhered to my temples. So I guess that one.

Misty Fox5SDTC: What are your favourite beauty products RIGHT NOW, like, at this very moment?

MF: Clarasonic now and forever, exfoliated and hydrated skin is always in. Also, I am inlove with the newly formulated MUFE HD foundation, it sits like skin and stays put. I love the perfume in the Fresh Range, for Fall, my favourite lipstick (I am wearing daily) is Charlotte Tilbury ‘Very Victoria’ from the Matte Revolution range.

SDTC: We only have 5 minutes and 1 sip of coffee left before running out the door. What’s the quickest and most effective way to look alive?

MF: A skin illuminator like a Becca Moonstone, chuck on some mascara and use a dual lip and cheek product, I love the lip and blush stick from Tarte in ‘Natural’

Misty Fox2SDTC: What inspired you to create your YouTube channel?

MF: I have had this in mind for a while, but I hadn’t felt ready up until now, I wanted to be the bridge between the make up artist and the every day girl, because I am both of those. I have spent the last five years meeting so many women and working on so many different faces from celebs, models, execs, teens, brides, socialites, mums, men and myself.  I work weekly hosting a segment on ET Canada and I have been so lucky to learn more about products through that show.  So I always suggest products with high and low price points for people. I feel now is the time to share all my beauty knowledge to help people who want to learn, easy natural quick fixes and looks in 5 minutes.

There are a lot of channels that teach you very glamorous makeup I just want to solve your daily makeup riddles, and empower women to ace their make up routine without getting frustrated. So I am decoding the classics to begin with, and then I might show women how to do full looks, I am inspired by the responses and requests that I get, asking me to do specific lessons.. For now I am focusing on beautiful natural everyday make up,  I’m always welcoming new ideas. So who knows what I will do next!

You can subscribe to Misty’s YouTube channel HERE!

SDTC: What are you most excited about for fall?

MF: As far as beauty trends, The cool baddass beauty looks! dark lip stains with glowy skin, iridescent lids.. The silver, gold, orange and grape/ berry palette… It’s all so hauntingly romantic, beautiful and sexy.

Also, my daughter’s favourite season is Fall and we booked a themed hotel room for Halloween this year, so we are going to a big monster costume party for kids, I’m so excited for that!

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