On Saturday, March 9, get ready to be wowed by big stories about small girls from two very accomplished storytellers.

Anna Kerz will share The Truth About Gladys Pouch, a story about how kindness and tolerance may be forgotten when we are forced to make choices. It also demonstrates that the bully, the bullied and the bystander can often be one and the same, and we all have a great need to belong.

Then, Sage Tyrtle will tell the story of Zablotz. It’s 1979, and Sage wants nothing more than to be a good California Girl. But no matter how closely she studies the Sweet Valley High books for clues on how to be popular, how many acid-wash Guess jackets she buys, or how hard she tries to make friends with her arch-nemeses, The Jennifers, she’s just too weird…too ugly…too fat…too different. Nobody knows that actually, she’s got an otherworldly secret identity.

This session is geared to those ages 14 & up. True Stories About Small Girls is landing at A Different Booklist (777-779 Bathurst St) on Saturday, March 9 as part of Toronto Storytelling Festival’s Storyfire Series. Get tickets here.