Forget pancakes. Screw Bacon. There’s a new and delicious way to get your maple syrup fix while pledging your patriotism to the land of free health care, poutine and flannel-clad babes.

The “Naturally Signature Collection”  has the most wonderful, aromatic golden maple sugar scent, and comes to us from Upper Canada Soap, which has made a name for itself by using natural ingredients and nutrient-rich extracts while steering clear of parabens, synthetic dyes and other discreet yet harmful crap.

These proudly “Made in Canada” body care products range from body lotion to bar soap, but we most certainly have our favourites! The whipped hand repair feels oh so light and luxurious, while the vitamin E infused lip balm has done wonders for our seasonally recurring chapped lips. However, it is the relaxing bubble bath that truly floats our canoe. Not only does it leave our skin feeling silky and smooth, but it also comes in a super cute maple-leaf shaped bottle, and fills the entire bathroom with maple syrup, sweetened butter and undertones of brown sugar. Yum!

To celebrate the collection, Upper Canada Soap has launched the “Awesome Canadian Woman” campaign, which includes a witty web spot that we just can’t get enough of. Between the tongue-in-cheek voice over and hilarious, unexpected imagery, this atypical beauty ad plays on hyper Canadian stereotypes and is a must watch!