Get it straight, dressing Canadian is all about being, what I call a “whatever fuck coureur des bois.” In the latest VICE fashion feature Dressing Canadian by Katie Heindl, we see boy and girl wearing dumpy long johns, oversized construction gloves, stocky unlaced Sorels and Quebecois plaid. (I say Quebecois plaid because red and black plaid reminds me of pig feet and syrup d’erable.)

But to really emphasize Canadian, you need to go the extra portage and keep layering up. Put a Cowichan Bay sweater (Aritzia, whatevs) over top the plaid on plaid, and wrap your grandma’s loose ferret around your neck and top this all off with a “I just found this piece of shit” toque. It’s about looking like you are going moose huntingin a forest but instead you are just meeting your girlfriend at 889 for restorative yoga. You could tough it out in an Algonquin Quinzhee but really you love your Candy Factory Loft. It’s about dressing like you are a 1981 child going for a toboggan ride, but in actuality you are a brand manager for packaged goods.

You HAVE to look like the harsh winter elements have taken their toll but that it is no big deal because you are CANADIAN. Do we understand?

If you look like you raided a Saskatoon Value Village but really paid $600 for your goose-down jacket, then you will know you have achieved absolute hipness. Congrats!!

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~ Photo credit: Kavin Wong