Vintage Pick of the Week: Emilio Pucci silk print top from I Miss You Vintage or Orange caftan from Silver Falls

We’ve been loving the easy elegance of the 1970s. Whether it’s romantic naturalism, or the brightly coloured excess of the “me generation”, Spring/Summer 2011 is all about relaxed shapes with high impact. Here are two pieces that really caught our eye, which do you prefer? 

1. $325, Emilio Pucci silk print top found at I Miss You Vintage.
Pucci, Pucci, Pucci. I’m a girl who wants to retire in Pucci. With a bright geometric prints, and ocean coloured swirls in blues, periwinkles and sea-foam aquamarine, this breezy handkerchief top is perfect to wear for a beach getaway. Sadly for this price, you’d have a member of the jet set to afford this, but it is fun to dream about getting your socialite on. Well, there’s always layaway.

I Miss You Vintage, 63 Ossington Avenue.
For the label hound, or the vintage collector, I Miss You Vintage is a colour coded, upscale boutique filled with consignment designer items and well maintained treasures. Prices are steep, but well worth it for well preserved designers like Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, and it is possible to find some budget friendly steals. 

2. $65 –  Orange caftan found at Silver Falls Maybe it’s a reaction to the body skimming restrictiveness of the 1950s and early 60’s styles re-popularized by Mad Men, but I’m crazy about a good caftan. This bright orange and black printed, cotton caftan is more sunset on the beach than Halloween. It’s kooky, crazy and to use a fashion cliche, “a whole lotta look”. 

Silver Falls Vintage, 15 Ossington Avenue

Silver Falls Vintage shares its space with two other vintage shops, L.A.B Consignment (more designer consignment than anything else), and Chosen. It’s prices are low to mid range, and its aesthetic veers towards on trend pieces, with an occasional smattering of timeless classics. 

~ Natasha Hunt

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