We’re so enamoured by Old Navy jeans that we rushed to the park and made a fun video that celebrates fall fashion, friendship, and the perfect fit for every beautiful body shape.

We love Old Navy jeans for three main reasons:

1. Old Navy Rockstar Skinny Jeans come in so many different styles (see video)!

2. They’re the perfect fit for every body type! 

3. SO AFFORDABLE! Right now they’re on sale—jeans we love start at $19!

Nilou is wearing the printed skinny jeans in painted warm floral; Alyssia went for the classic Rockstar super skinnies in glacier blue; Malissa chose the dark wash; and Jesse and Catherine both went for the navy florals that are on trend for the revival of moody grunge this fall! They all looked fabulous; which pair do you love most? Watch the video and check out all the Old Navy jeans on sale here.

Sale ends August 29th.