We Want This Right MEOW: Montreal’s First Cat Cafe

Hi guys. We need to talk about something important. We need to talk about Cat Cafes.

Japan has them. London has one. Germany, Austria, France and Spain all have one or two to their names. WHEN IS CANADA’S TURN??

Well, possibly as soon as this summer if Montreal’s Cafe Chat l’Heureux can get enough interest and funding. After travelling to Asia and experiencing what we can only presume was the pure, raw joy emanating from various Cat Cafes, Clément Marty thought the idea would be beneficial—for people and animals alike—in Montreal. Think about it: animals previously homeless or consigned to life in a shelter would be cuddled and cared for, and YOU’d get to cuddle them! With a latte!

Check out the Cafe’s Facebook page for more info, and their IndieGoGo campaign to donate.


  1. adrieologie
    January 29, 2014

    shedoesthecity can’t wait to chill with all the kittehs! So awesome.

  2. Igloo
    February 9, 2014

    Out of the upcoming cat cafés, this one is the sketchiest. CatTown in Oakland is a verified non-profit and clearly states that the money will be donated to their partner shelter if they don’t raise enough. They also have a preliminary floor plan and how customers will interact with the cats. The other project, KitTea is not raising funds publicly.
    However, Cafe Chat l’Heureux says they are at the final stages of their project yet there is absolutely no details other than a few photos of Clement posing with kittens from shelters and photos of cat cafés in Asia. Not even a floor plan to explain how he would conform with the health regulations. It also seems like he is relying solely on crowdfunding to actually start the project. Considering it’s a flexible indiegogo campaign, he is receiving all the money right now despite there is nothing to show for. Not even a business registration, potential menu items. Nothing.
    I’m skeptical of any (for-profit) projects where the creator does not use at least part of his own money/savings yet demand others to contribute. In the end, an idea is nothing until you can execute it.

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