Bunch Family is where all the hip parents hang in cyberworld. It is also where I, someone with no kids but who likes to behave as one, enjoy discovering how to build a rocketship in my living room or host a movie night in the backyard. Constantly in awe of their creativity and cool, it was a no-brainer that we’d get Bunch to weigh in on the top things to do this Family Day, for kids of all ages. HOORAH!

The Bunch Family Top Five Family Day Recos!

1. Dance Party! Bunch Family is hosting a mega bash at Mel Lastman Square with Maylee Todd. It’ll be awesome. There’s also skating, crafts and a mini skatepark. Check it!

2. Have a brunch potluck with friends. Anything goes! You may want to advise people as to what sort of dish to bring so you don’t end up with seven kinds of cupcakes and nothing else… unless you’re into that. Recipe ideas!

3. Go skating. Bunch has been obsessed with skating and ice rinks this winter. All the outdoor rinks and many of the indoor rinks are open on Family Day and free! Note: Kids under six must wear helmets. Fam Day schedule here.

4. Go for a hot-choc walk. After a couple days of record-breaking warm temperatures (for February) it’ll drop below zero again on Monday. Bundle up, wear your best waterproof boots and check out the city’s streets and parks. Note: A thermos of hot chocolate makes for an excellent hike companion.

5. Hold a boardgame tournament. Either head over to Snakes and Lattes or host one of your own. Grab the Battleship, Guess Who, Monopoly, Mousetrap and Clue. Appoint two team captains to decide on teams in the traditional gym class way. Keep track of which teams wins what games and declare a champion at the end of the day. The winners get to choose what to order for takeout.

~ Jen McNeely with help from friends at Bunch Family. Happy Fam Day to all!