We talk Christmas Sweaters and Favourite Vintage with Julia Grieve of Preloved 

No matter where you are in this fine land, it’s sweatertime! We thought we would take our sweater-related inquiries straight to the source of great Canadian wooly garments, Julia Grieve, founder and co-designer at Preloved. If you haven’t heard of Preloved, this line has made a name for itself in that every piece is made from used, vintage fabric. Similar to the way Edward Scissorhands would snip away at high speed at all the beehive coifs of suburbia,  transforming them into marvelous asymmetrical bobs, we expect that’s what happens when an abandoned 70’s sweater goes through Ms Grieve’s design process.  

First off, Preloved is a great idea. How did you spawn it? Was the name your idea?  
When I was modeling I always made new things out of my old clothing. The main concept always has been taking something old, and turning it into something new and wearable today. The name preloved was my idea. But my old roommate when I was modeling was Australian, and she would always call vintage clothing previously loved, so I just mixed the two words to spawn preloved! 

What is it about working with vintage textiles that spoke to you over working with new ones?  
The quality, uniqueness and sustainability.  

Tell me about your favourite sweater? What makes it great?  
The Miss Ellie cardigan! It’s like a grandpa sweater… so easy to throw on, super cozy yet still looks fashionable. 

Having said that, what should a sweater do for a girl?  
A sweater should make a girl feel comfortable yet fashion-forward. A sweater is a staple in any Canadian’s wardrobe, but you have to mix function with fashion.  

Favourite thing to do while you’re not working?  
Running, with or without my kids! 

What’s the first piece of vintage you’ve ever bought? (did you cut it up and make something out of it?)  
The first piece of vintage I ever got was a Chanel suit! It still remains hanging intact in my closet! 

Favourite film for its fashion?  
Breakfast at Tiffanys!  

What do you love (or not love) about Canadian fashion?  
I think the most amazing part about Canadian fashion is the support! I am helping you by giving advice and answering questions, and Joe Mimran will take time to answer my questions… no matter what, Canadians always support one another! 

Favourite part about this time of year?  
Wool time! Everyone always needs a new wool sweater, mitts or scarf! 

Hypothetical question: You’ve been appointed with the task to reform the Christmas sweater. What do you do?  
I would make them into 4 pairs of mitts! No one should ever go around wearing a Santa Claus sweater!

~ Elli Stuhler

Preloved in Toronto
881 Queen Street West
Tel: 416.504.8704 

Preloved in Montréal
4066 Boulevard St. Laurent
Tel: 514.499.9898 


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