Brides-to-be, listen up! You have one place you need to be this weekend: The Wedding Show at The Carlu. It’s $20, the price of three bridal magazines, and it will help you get your shit together.

There’s a ton of wedding bonanza bullshit out there that is tacky, over-the-top and an enormous waste of money, however, what we like about this show is that it’s well curated, or as their website describes, “boutique-inspired.” For instance, Stephen Bulger Gallery is in the “registry” category, meaning instead of overpriced china, that you will use six times, why not get your relatives and friends to pitch in for  breathtaking documentary photography? Or, instead of a banquet hall off Highway 400, book The Drake Hotel or newly redesigned Royal Conservatory of Music. And hey, you aren’t limited to Toronto because both the Bahamas and Cayman Islands will be in the house to lure you South. Does a destination wedding sound like a logistical nightmare? Stop by the booths of Luxe or L’Escape and find out the benefits of having someone else handle the details. Between drunk Uncle Rich, your fiances jackass friend and delicate seating issues, you have enough crap on your hands. (Divorced kids know).

There are plenty of photogs that will be at the show but keep an eye out for Rebecca Wood, she’s our favourite. Want help finding that unique touch that everyone will remember? Say hello to Bobette and Belle. Or do what all the fancy Brits do and wear a hat; Lilliput Hats can size you up

Flowers, invites, accessories, music, cakes and gowns: this is your one stop shop to sort it all out or just inspire ideas for how to emulate on the cheap! With over 125 exhibitors, you will find something that you love or want. And remember, don’ t panic, it’s one freakin’ day. It’s the journey that’s most important; enjoy it, learn from it and grow through it. Awwww. Now, back away from the fucking dress, betch, it’s MINE.

The Wedding Show 2011 @ The Carlu
Friday 5-9pm
Saturday 10-6pm
Sunday 10-5pm
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