By Kayla Soriano

Fashion waits for no one. But it seems we are always waiting for it. We hold on to those expensive sunglasses or jeans and hope that when they go out of style, they will soon make their way back onto the fashion scene (while we can still fit in them). This summer a few trends are making their reappearance after a long absence.

Though it was first worn by young boys in the 1920’s, the romper, other wise known as the once piece or jumpsuit was made fashionable in the ‘50s where it was primarily worn by women. Now this sexy, fun and cute design is back. It can be worn casually in a light cotton material or done up with exotic patterns and glitter; the top can be sleeveless, halter, or tank and the bottom can be shorts or pants.

How to wear it: Whatever style of romper you have it can be easily dressed down with a pair of flats or gladiator sandals and if needed, a belt at the waist, or dressed up with a pair of heels. (pictured: Karen O. rocking a graphic print romper at Bonnaroo)

Another trend that has made its comeback is tie-dye. It originated during the ancient times but is mostly associated with the ‘70s hippies. However, tie-dye is no longer confined to plain white t-shirts; it has expanded to all corners of the wardrobe. You’ll find tie-dye on dresses, tank tops and even canvas shoes and not always in those bright neon colours as well.

How to wear it: Depending where the tie-dye pattern is on your clothing will determine how you should where this bold pattern because you want to make it the focus of your outfit – keep everything else simple. (Pictured: Michael Kors Resort 2009)

You knew they’d be back. Shoulder pads have returned from the ‘80s, but there is nothing subtle about them this time around. This time they will out do the heights they reached in the 80’s. Instead of a delicate lift of the shoulder, dramatic height, reminiscent of renaissance paintings of women in elaborately decorated dresses, and medieval armour, is the effect designers are trying to make with their shoulder pads.

How to wear it: Don’t let the shoulder pads wear you; you have to wear the shoulder pads with confidence. In a sharp blazer or a fancy blouse with a pair of trousers, shoulder pads can make an outfit look very chic. (Pictured: Givenchy 2009 Ready To Wear)

Can’t afford to keep up these trends? What’s great about the fashion cycle is that when “new” styles appear you don’t have to spend a fortune to own them. Go through mom’s, grandma’s or auntie’s closet, or check out some vintage shops and you might be surprised at what goods you will find.

Fashion is ever-changing and what is popular one season might not be within the next few seasons or even next few years, so be careful not to invest too much into today’s trends. Who knows? Next fall we all might be wearing Ginger Spice platforms.