Kara Snyder wants your to-do list.

She is collecting 33,000 handwritten task lists from women, to be exact.

Why? She’s using them to create a large-scale work of art and change the conversation about the stress, obligation and desire. “Women are fucking frazzled, overwhelmed by obligation, and often pretty damn isolated,” notes Snyder. “Oh, and they think it’s only them struggling.”

She wants to change the conversation about stress by using something simple and familiar to us all: our task lists. In doing so, she hopes to inform, connect and embolden women while up-cycling and transforming a normally discarded piece of paper imbued with women’s sweat equity.

Mail your task list to the address shown here. It can be in any language. It can be messy/boring/weird. You can send more than one, from each sphere of your life. You can strike any identifying details if you prefer, the only caveat is that the list must be handwritten.

Find out more about Kara and the 33K Task List Project here.