My biggest challenge when it comes to healthy eating is a lack of creativity. I love a good salad as much as I love a good pizza, but it’s a lot easier to buy a pre-made pie from the grocery store (especially when you live in a city without a Whole Foods but WITH strangely delicious frozen pizza options).

This winter, any semblance of a healthy-fit lifestyle I was clinging to disappeared. I injured my back, which meant no exercise other than physiotherapy, walking (but, you know, it was -30) and the occasional gentle yoga class (which would leave me in pain the next day) for five months. Combine that with the grizzly-bear-preparing-to-hibernate eating habits that go along with frigid temperatures and, come spring, I was feeling pretty unhealthy. I had less energy, my stomach was more sensitive, and I wasn’t sleeping well. I’ve been trying to work my way back up to a level of fitness and health that I’m comfortable with (hello, new veggie box from Lufa Farms! Hello, personal training regimen I can’t afford!) But breaking bad habits has been harder than I thought.

Enter That Clean Life. When Abigail told me she was running a two-week clean eating challenge  in June, it seemed like the perfect way to source new recipe ideas and stay motivated to choose foods that actually make me feel good, not lethargic. And when she told me that the plan is easily adaptable for vegetarians, I was sold. Since I’m now mostly incapable of having an experience without writing about it on the internet, I’m going to share my experience over the two weeks and let you know how I fare.


If you want to join me, That Clean Life is giving away a challenge to one lucky SDTC reader! Comment below to win!

You can pre-order That Clean Life’s Project Beach Body Challenge here for $25, the cost of a takeout dinner.