In these dark November days when the cold air begins to sink into our bones, taking our clothes off feels… daring. 

In our latest boudoir session with Womanizer, we ventured into the Parkdale home of tarot reader and Reiki healer, Kait Fowlie, to explore how to feel sensual when everything around us begins to look grey. As someone who pays close attention to the earthly energy from the outside world, we were interested to learn Kait’s take on the relationship between desire, sexuality, and self-love. Keenly attuned to the stars and the cards, Kait is able to identify the larger connections between the external world; and what’s happening within us.

How would you describe your sexuality? My sexuality is very much an extension of me; a creative expression, alive, a sacred celebration of my body and life! 

When it comes to feeling good in your own skin, what advice would you give to your younger self? It sounds cliche, but it’s so true: I believe, that our body is a tool, a vehicle that lets us experience this world. As I get older I become more grateful for my body and how much it does for me every day. It’s like a miracle machine that lets me do what I want, and have these senses that let me access so much joy and pleasure. I would tell my younger self: When it comes to anything about your body, just keep it so simple.  

What turns you on? Confidence and an unwavering sense of humour. Someone I can banter with but also, someone who makes me feel genuinely seen. I appreciate a sense of imagination in someone else, I find that really exciting. 

Does Tarot play a role in your life, when it comes to your sexuality or your sexual confidence? I love that question. It does. Being a tarot reader is part of my identity, and being a mystic more generally. This is how I’ve created myself, how I’ve come to feel most authentic and at home in myself and in my life. I feel most confident when I get to occupy this role, of a tarot reader – talking about life and connecting with someone within the container of a reading. I think we all have these archetypes that live inside us that we kind of feel connected to, or that resonate with our higher self. Stepping into that role feels liberating, if that makes sense.

I know that you have a lot of thoughts about energy from the stars, the moon – can you share with us how these things might affect your own energy? I know a lot of astrology fans will empathize with me when I say that when I got my first birth chart reading, everything made sense. I am a Pisces in the truest sense. The course of my life has really invited me (forced me) to own my very empathetic nature and see what I can possibly do with it; how I can use it as something that actually benefits me. Understanding my astrological makeup helped me find more compassion for myself, and it still does. Staying connected to the moon phases and the stars helps me remember that I’m a small part of something big, and when I connect with other people who are also interested in it or open to it, it just becomes so evident to me that we are all going through such similar things. We all have a lot in common, at the end of the day. 

How did you feel doing this shoot? I felt like a queen. Being naked and just letting myself be moved by the visionary women of Scandaleuse Photography was so inspiring. I felt really held, and in such good hands. Like I was a work of art. How often do you get to feel like that? I want everyone to get to feel like that. 

How do you feel sensual / sexy during the winter months ahead? Oh man, it definitely is hard to feel sexy in a parka walking around Toronto, but I really do love the cozy hygge quality you can conjure in a space in the cold months. I love candles and incense and having a bath with all the things. Looking at the winter night sky is also really magical, even in the city. 

Seeing Kait’s photos, we’re inspired to create our own winter hideaway, where we can feel cozy in the nude; a space to be playful and feel at peace, where we can dream, explore, revel in our own beauty. Plants, candles, sweet tunes, delicious novels, a Womanizer: we’re planning our hibernation, and it’s making us excited.

Photos by Scandaleuse Photography