Julia Che is the charismatic founder of Lotus Leaf Public PR and Social Media Agency. She began her career representing creative friends whose talents she admired and grew her business to include offices in Toronto and New York City with big name clients like Dr. Martens, Guess, ROXY, Manitobah Mukluks and global fashion site MinkPink. In Toronto, you can usually catch Julia wandering Queen West with a head-turning outfit that will no doubt be documented on her Instagram feed that boasts over 23,000 followers. Unlike traditional PR companies who were a little wary, perhaps slow, to embrace and understand the power of social media; Julia has always been a leader online.

She Does The City: What’s the outfit that you feels the most you?

Julia Che: I love sweats – hooded sweatshirts and sweatpants. No one would probably ever guess that, but seriously, they’re my favourite things to wear.

SDTC: From which era in time do you find the most fashion inspiration?

JC: That’s a tough one. I find inspiration in every era, having studied them pretty comprehensively in school, but mostly, I find inspiration in today, the present, every day.

SDTC: What fashion object is always sexy? 

JC: Confidence and a smile.

SDTC: If you had to choose a character in a TV series or film whose style you dig, who would it be? 

JC: O’ren Ishii from Kill Bill. It’s not just about the fashion/what she wears, it’s about her attitude, confidence and flair. She has so much style in that movie, it’s unreal.

SDTC: What are you currently obsessed with?

JC: This past year I’ve been obsessed with a lot of things: travel, especially to New York, mixing prints, Instagram, twerking… But right now I’m pretty obsessed with staying home and enjoying my “me” time. That might sound totally boring, but to be honest, I don’t get enough of it. I’m constantly out at events, meetings or travelling. I’m happy to obsess over time alone right now. 

SDTC: Is there something you have in your closet that you don’t wear often but have kept for years because of sentimental value? What is it and why is it still there?

JC: I have a ton of things that I’ve kept for sentimental value, I guess I’m a bit of a fashion collector. I definitely have a number of pieces from my grandmother including a basket weave purse that I will cherish forever. My mom was also a super-fashionista when she was younger (she’ll probably argue that she still is), so I have MANY things from her closet from angora sweaters to scarves to summer dresses—too bad we weren’t the same shoe size.

SDTC: What would we catch you wearing as a teenager? What was your style in high school?

JC: Sweats. Easy. 

SDTC: When and where do you do your best creative thinking?

JC: I’m definitely a night owl, so probably between 11PM to 2AM. No calls, no emails (or less emails), and more headspace to let those juices flow.

SDTC: What’s one piece of advice that a role model taught you that you’ll never forget?

JC: One piece of advice? That’s tough. I’ve received a lot of great advice over the years. “You get what you give,” “Be a good person, not just when people are watching,” “Expect nothing, appreciate everything.” They’re all so simple but things I tell myself every day.

SDTC: What did you originally go to school for? Where?

JC: I went to Ryerson University and studied Fashion Communications, right here in Toronto. It was a super intense four year program.

SDTC: What other secret talents do you have?

JC: I love snowboarding and used to teach kids in Québec and B.C, and I’m a pretty good YouTube DJ. 

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