It’s rather convenient when your last name matches your entire design aesthetic—and for Caitlin Power, that’s just how things are. While Power may hail from Calgary, there isn’t a faint reference to anything Western or country in her designs. Instead, her pieces are Fierce. With a capital F, y’all. She designs with an empowered and strong woman in mind and it shines through in every garment. Lines are strong but what is unique to Power is her ability to take a sharply tailored piece and make it feminine for a modern lady. She uses on-trend detailing with classic cuts and makes pieces that any woman would love to be spotted in. Power was a finalist in the Spring/Summer13 Mercedes-Benz Start Up program and if you jump ahead to now, she has her first-ever runway room venue show at World MasterCard Fashion Week. We caught up with Power as she gears up to go into her runway show about who she’d love to see in her designs, what’s next for her and where to find her in the city.

SheDoesTheCity: How would you describe your designs to someone who has never heard of your line?

Caitlin Power: The brand is about empowerment and strength. The designs are structured, sophisticated and sleek; created for the modern-day woman. I use classic silhouettes and make them current with fashion forward details.  

SDTC: If you weren’t designing at the moment, what do you think you’d be doing instead?

CP: When I was growing up I was a competitive hockey player and I also loved sewing. I always said I was either going to be an Olympic hockey player or a fashion designer.  

SDTC: What are some of your favourite places to go in Toronto? Parks, coffee, boutiques, spas, bars, restaurants? Where are we likely to find you?

CP: I love trying new places. I spend a lot of the summer in Kensington Market, Trinity Bellwoods and on Toronto Island. In the evening I like the vibe on King West, there is a great selection of restaurants there. Dark Horse on Queen St. is a great coffee shop—my favourite in Toronto. I don’t go to spas often but I get my hair done at The Loft on Queen St. W. by Sylvie, it’s such a great salon! 

SDTC: How do you think being from the west and working in Toronto has effected your aesthetic?

CP:  I don’t think my aesthetic is very representative of the west. I think being a bit of a tomboy may have influenced by designs. My cuts are feminine but never overly girly. 

SDTC: What inspires you to create?

CP: I’m always inspired by architecture. The clean lines, strong structural shapes and modern influences really resonate with me. I’m also very inspired by being introduced to different cultures.   

SDTC: What did you learn from participating in the Mercedes Benz start-up?

CP: Mercedes-Benz Start Up was a great experience. My mentorship with Robin Kay has been the most valuable result of the competition. She is a great business woman and mentor. 

SDTC: What distinguishes your garments from others?

CP: CAITLIN POWER brings something modern to women’s corporate wear. It maintains its sleek professional appeal, but plays with colours, fabrics and textures. The details within each garment are unlike any designer.  

SDTC: What’s next for you?

CP: I want to focus on the steady growth of the brand and continue to put the best product out there possible. I would love to see CAITLIN POWER in major department stores and more boutiques across Canada, the U.S., and internationally. 

SDTC: What has been the highlight of your career so far?

CP: A major highlight was this past June, when I was asked to participate in the Women With Purpose Global Summit in the French Caribbean. The summit was comprised of 300 business women, CEOs and entrepreneurs from around the world. I showed the collection and spoke about my brand. The drive, confidence and determination these women have is inspiring. The entire summit was an unbelievable experience.   

SDTC: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

CP:  When I am getting overwhelmed and feeling over worked; stop and feel my heart beat and let it remind me that there is something so much bigger than me and how I’m feeling, happening right now.  An accomplished doctor/writer from the summit said that to me in June and it really stuck.   

SDTC: If you could see your designs on someone or in any publication, what/who would it be and why?

CP: I picture the classic power women of Hollywood in CAITLIN POWER like Angelina Jolie or Sandra Bullock. They’re fashion forward, strong, confident women.  

SDTC: How do you measure success?

CP: I am so passionate about what I do, so success for me will be maintaining a well established business and seeing women enjoy the clothing. Being able to make a comfortable living from doing something I love is success for me!