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Queer Bathroom Stories at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

As a queer theorist, Sheila Cavanagh says it is her duty to explore the crude, the abject and the inappropriate. But bathrooms? Sex? Sex and bathrooms? Yup. The result of her research is a smash hit play that took the Toronto Fringe festival by storm a few summers ago. Queer Bathroom Stories was adapted from Sheila’s research, for… Read More »

Interview with Ashlie Corcoran, director of the Gay Heritage Project

With The Gay Heritage Project, performer/creator/super-talents Damien Atkins, Paul Dunn, and Andrew Kushnir have set out to answer one question: is there such thing as “gay heritage”? Running until Dec. 8th at Buddies in Bad Times, the show presents their findings in hilarious and moving vignettes which the cast has knit together with the help… Read More »

The Normal Heart, a play about the rise of the AIDS crisis in New York, is on at Buddies in Bad Times until Nov. 18

As an actress, people are constantly telling me about the theatre they’ve seen. Sometimes it’s eloquent and enlightening- “I love the dark wit of Martin McDonagh, and his latest show is a must-see! Get thee to New York!” Sometimes it’s cliche and rhetorical- “Have you heard of this musical Wicked?” “I love Phantom of The… Read More »

Eternal Hydra

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre On until May 31 By Heather Christie In a couplet: The first act is brill, the second act less so Nonetheless Hydra is one hell of a show.