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Maggie McKeown

An Interview with Culinary Everywoman Maggie McKeown

Maggie McKeown is ALL OVER the kitchen! She’s built a career as a chef and restaurateur, but also has her own line of natural cleaning products, C is for Clean, and serves as a judge on Donut Showdown! On February 8th, she’s a judge for Chef’s Challenge: The Ultimate Battle for the Cure.   SDTC: From your… Read More »


Photo Gallery: Varsity Vogue at Boobyball’s BoobyU

This year’s BoobyBall was collegiate-themed and guests really brought it, packing the Sound Academy for a night of frat house antics, oversized glasses and some teachers heavy-petting. A sold-out crowd of geeks, preps and punks joined forces to support Rethink Breast Cancer in true varsity style–two dudes came as an entire functional flip cup table!… Read More »


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