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Glass of hot matcha green tea latte with milk microfoam

In Mandy’s Pantry: Matcha Green Tea

Matcha green tea has recently become a new staple in my pantry!  I’ve always known the health benefits of green tea, but matcha takes it to a whole new level! What Is It? Known as super green tea, matcha is unfermented green tea from the Camellia sinensis plant species. The tea leaves are grown in the shade,… Read More »


Homemade Cold and Flu Fighter

I’ve got a bit of a confession…I’ve had a cold on and off for 2 weeks. So what’s a nutritionist to do?  I have zero desire to take any over-the-counter medication, or get antibiotics (also, I’m not on the floor dying, it’s just a head cold that won’t go away). Here’s what I’m drinking to help… Read More »