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The St. Paddy’s Day Survival Kit

St Paddy’s Day can be a day of indulgences, be it of the food or the beverages kind, so I thought it would be fitting to do a post offering some healthy tips for you to survive your St Patty’s Day (long?) weekend. 1)      Don’t Forget Your Protein & Fats: Pre-fiesta, eat a meal with a… Read More »


Get Fizzy with SodaStream (ScarJo Says.)

Do you dream of being the perfect host? The kind of person who offers a refill, a canapé, a shoulder to cry on just as every guest is realizing they need one? The kind of person who never has to say, “No, sorry, I don’t have any sparkling water/juice/etc but there’s a corner store just… Read More »


In 2014 you will…

Try things that intimidate you. Cook more, eat out less. Ask yourself, “Do I need this?” before you buy it. Explore neighbourhoods in your city that you’ve never ventured to. Use the library. It’s awesome. Stop trying to please everyone. Take one thing at a time; don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Trust your instincts. Love… Read More »


Soothing with the Science of Scent: Carol-Ann Granatstein, Founder of Aromacentric Aromatherapy

On November 17th, Artscape Wychwood Barns will host over 60 local vendors for the popular Gluten Free Garage event. Shedoesthecity is proud to be a returning media sponsor and as such, we’re profiling various entrepreneurs and community leaders who, through their passion and hard work, inspire others to lead a healthy lifestyle. We’ve profiled the women behind RawFoodz,… Read More »


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