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Toronto Resources for Survivors of Abuse

Trigger warning.  It’s my job to write about things. Today, I don’t feel like writing about anything. Like most of us, I went to sleep and woke up sick to my stomach after reading the Toronto Star piece containing the allegations of Jian Ghomeshi’s violence.  The revelations are incredibly important, but for many, they are… Read More »


Toronto’s First Annual Coconut Festival Comes to Wychwood Barns

Whether you can’t stop extolling the virtues of the oil or the water, coconuts are “having a moment” in that weird way that food sometimes does. (This cranky vegetarian is still sore after the Summer of Pork and happy that cauliflower’s reign as Vegetable du Jour is going strong.) The Coconut Festival takes place on Sunday,… Read More »

Lifestyle Exhaustion Image

How to Avoid Lifestyle-Blog Exhaustion

Lifestyle exhaustion is a real thing. Just ask anyone who’s ever quit a fitness goal or diet plan. For me, that exhaustion threshold is pretty darn high. As far as I’m concerned, this precious vessel of mine has gotta last, so I try to treat it accordingly (in between frequent donut binges). Suffice to say,… Read More »


Oil Pulling: Everything You Need to Know

Overnight, oil pulling has quickly become the newest (old) health craze out there!  I have had three different friends ask me about oil pulling in the last two weeks, so I figured it was time for a blog post about it! What Is Oil Pulling? I say oil pulling is the “newest (old)” health craze… Read More »