Ladies Who Lead: Julianne Costigan, Fashion Stylist

Julianne Costigan is freelance stylist in the Canadian fashion industry. Currently, she’s working with Phillip Lim’s new collection for Target on a project for New York Fashion Week. Based out of Toronto, with a trademark mane of golden locks, Julianne appreciates a versatile equipment blouse, cottage weekends and overstocking her fridge with limes.   STDC: What… Read More »

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Contributor Spotlight: Lindsay Tapscott

“Everything I do,” writes Lindsay Tapscott in her Twitter bio, “is part of a bigger plan to have Beyoncé hold me.” Lindsay is funny. Really, really funny. She’s a renaissance woman, and spends some of her time writing about fashion for SDTC. She’s also contributed to WORN Fashion Journal, and is obsessed with Joni Mitchell. Currently,… Read More »

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LK Shaw is the Creator of Online Art and Lit Zine Shabby Doll House 

I was first introduced to the online zine Shabby Doll House when I met one of its illustrators, Jenn Kucharczyk, at a Christmas Party last winter. As I read excerpts of the Winter issue on her phone in the corner of the party, I was blown away bythe zine’s content. Its stirring relevancy and juxtaposition of apathy and deep longing seemed to ring true for right now.… Read More »

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Thanks to Jessie’s centre for young women, when Jasmine got pregnant at 17 she had somewhere supportive to go for help

At 17, Jasmine was a typical Grade 11 high school student. She had a part-time job at McDonald’s and a boyfriend. It was during a parenting class, while learning about the symptoms of pregnancy, that Jasmine realized she might be pregnant. After going to a local public health clinic, Jasmine was informed that she was… Read More »

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