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An Interview with Vyara Ndejuru, Director of Marketing for ALDO

Watching her gracefully move around a room, my first impression of Vyara Ndejuru is that she is strikingly beautiful. At the Aldo Flagship press preview, she didn’t demand attention. Rather, she seemed more like an observer, smiling and watching quietly as gaggles of fashion media playfully tried on heels and sunglasses. Being the Director of… Read More »

Contributor Spotlight: Lindsay Tapscott

“Everything I do,” writes Lindsay Tapscott in her Twitter bio, “is part of a bigger plan to have Beyoncé hold me.” Lindsay is funny. Really, really funny. She’s a renaissance woman, and spends some of her time writing about fashion for SDTC. She’s also contributed to WORN Fashion Journal, and is obsessed with Joni Mitchell. Currently,… Read More »

LK Shaw is the Creator of Online Art and Lit Zine Shabby Doll House 

I was first introduced to the online zine Shabby Doll House when I met one of its illustrators, Jenn Kucharczyk, at a Christmas Party last winter. As I read excerpts of the Winter issue on her phone in the corner of the party, I was blown away bythe zine’s content. Its stirring relevancy and juxtaposition of apathy and deep longing seemed to ring true for right now.… Read More »

Contributor Spotlight: Meags Fitzgerald

Here at SDTC, we have a lot of amazing contributors, and most of them have some seriously cool gigs outside of their work for our site. In this new column, we share some of the awesome stuff they have going on with you.  When you walk past a photo booth, even in this age of… Read More »