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Why I Learned To Give Good Head

A few months ago, I learned how to sail for the first time. Before that, I enrolled in Italian classes. Before that, there were improv drop-ins, a comedy sketch writing program, dance lessons. I like to learn new things. I chalk it up to my love for a good challenge (thanks to my Capricorn nature)… Read More »

winter bed death

Twentysomething Sex Ed: Why I’m Giving in to Winter Bed Death

Call it pre-Frühjahrsmüdigkeit, but in February my frustration with living in Toronto reaches its peak—the joyful excess of the holidays has passed, my new year’s resolutions are on the fast track to failure, and it’s still grey and cold 24/7. Almost inevitably, I start to feel an unbearable itch that I just can’t scratch (on… Read More »


Twentysomething Sex Ed: No More Musicians

As I get older I’ve been trying to implement higher standards in an attempt to keep up appearances as a functional twenty-something: doing laundry on the reg, not lying to my mother when she calls and asks if I’m still in bed, tentative forays into physical exercise, that sort of thing. The confidence that comes… Read More »


Let’s go Downtown: How to relax and enjoy oral sex.

It’s Friday night. You two are staying in. You’ve lit your one scented candle. Things are gettin’ sessay, and smell vaguely of “calm vanilla,” but your guy is not interested in keeping things calm OR vanilla. He wants to get this party started… with his mouth. And you’re not into it! FOR SOME REASON. Gals,… Read More »


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