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Daddy: Madison Young Pens a Memoir On Her Loving S&M Relationship

In the pro-porn movement that took over the American porn scene in the early 2000’s, Madison Young is heralded as one of the leading pioneers of Feminist Porn. Like Courtney Trouble and Shine Louise Houston, Young creates pornographic works of art that speak to the masses that are underrepresented in mainstream pornography. From bondage to… Read More »


Twentysomething Sex Ed: How to Have Your Best Sex

During my teens I thought I was having good sex. No, great sex. I was convinced that this was what the Olympics of sex and I was getting a silver or gold e’ry night. My twisted upbringing of binging on The O.C. and other early 2000s pop culture led me to believe that sex, despite… Read More »


I Was the Other Woman Who Stole Your Boyfriend

I was going to begin by stating. “I’m ashamed to say…” but to be honest, I really don’t think I am. The truth is, I have had much experience as “the other woman.” It’s been painful, pleasurable, hard yet easy, but most of all it has informed my current understanding of self, love and relationships.… Read More »


2013 Feminist Porn Awards Web Nominees

Traditional porn can be very boring. You can only watch a bleached blonde woman with oversized implants half heartedly say “Oh yeah, that’s it” while getting rammed by some beefcake guy so many times before you want to switch over to something more entertaining, like say, CPAC. That’s why we’re thankful for the Feminist Porn… Read More »


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