A Golden Roundup

This could just be a phase, but lately, I’ve been obsessed with gold. Gold jewelry, gold housewares, gold nails, gold EVERYTHING! Here’s a roundup of all the golden odds, ends and accessories that put a smile on my face. Bling on, my friends. 1. BAGGU Basic Leather Tote Bag, Urban Outfitters, $160.00 2. Essie Good as Gold,… Read More »

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8 pieces we want from WINNERS Spring 2014 lookbook

From foiled fabrics to arty prints, crop tops, polished metallics and sweet-as-pie, candy-inspired pastels, WINNERS has everything our closets want and need this Spring! Here are some of our favourite pieces from their Spring 2014 lookbook: Dress, $299.99 The Mule, $69.99 Pants, $19.99 Jacket, $299.99 Clutch, $159.99 Shorts, $79.99 The Oxford, $74.99 Crop top, $16.99 Which… Read More »

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High-waisted pants are in style again. #blessed

This is a new column, everyone. Hello and welcome to it. It exists to celebrate things that maybe don’t seem like that big a deal but which are, if you think about it, a really freaking big deal. Under-appreciated, quietly great things. Its goal is to celebrate the mundane and the extraordinary that we interact with every… Read More »

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