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An imperfect life guide for women


Part One: This is How We Open

365 Days of Opening Your Heart: Living boldly each and every day

We want to know that we aren’t alone here, in this busy life, with all of her wonderous-and-confusing distractions. We want to know that someone else feels something we feel, or thinks something we think—we want to know that our shame, pain or (insert your secret here) doesn’t make us hideous or undeserving of love.


Enter To Win Our 12 Days of Yoga Tree Contest!

Have you been slacking off in the yoga department lately? We have, and we’ve used up every excuse in the book – too expensive, too busy, no clean clothes left to wear, ugh! One time, we even talked ourselves out of going to a class by hypothesizing that our streetcar would break down and we’d… Read More »