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Enter To Win Our 12 Days of Yoga Tree Contest!

Have you been slacking off in the yoga department lately? We have, and we’ve used up every excuse in the book – too expensive, too busy, no clean clothes left to wear, ugh! One time, we even talked ourselves out of going to a class by hypothesizing that our streetcar would break down and we’d… Read More »


12 Months, 12 Countries, 12 Skills: Yoga in Indonesia

If you’re ever thinking of going to Bali for New Year’s, heed my advice and don’t go. Or go, but know that you’ve chosen the absolute worst time of year to visit this so-called paradise because it’s the height of rainy season and you’re more likely to get caught in a monsoon than catch a… Read More »

Full House

Find the Power of Yoga at Downward Dog Yoga Centre

There is absolutely nothing that compares to the quiet satisfaction; kindness; galloping unicorns; love and purpose that fills me head to toe after a yoga class. Um, why don’t I do this every day, again? It’s time to get back to a regular practice and cut out the excuses. Too busy. Too tired. Too much… Read More »


Keep an eye out for YYoga Queen Street West, opening this fall!

I am a YYoga frequenter in my Vancouver neighbourhood of Kitsilano. The facility is spacious, clean, beautiful, and relaxing—everything a yoga studio should be. They have a towel and mat service, free lockers and showers, a sauna, hot tea, and a lovely patio that overlooks the hustle and bustle of Kitsilano’s West 4th Avenue. Oh, and their… Read More »