3 steps to stop cravings

A pesky craving can come out of nowhere, and is often thought of as a mental weakness. You can stop beating yourself up though, because cravings are generally a true signal from your body that you should listen to, and not just a sign of weakness. There are plenty of causes for cravings, including improper diet, boredom, stress, lack of sleep and adrenal fatigue to name a few, so here are some tips to help you overcome those sweet & salty cravings.

1) Practice Mindfulness

When a craving first hits, acknowledge that you’re feeling it and ask yourself if you’re truly hungry. Chances are, you aren’t really hungry. If you are, then go ahead and eat something, but if not, think about what is causing you to want this food. Did you have a particularly stressful day? Or, did something cause you to feel hurt or saddened? Acknowledge that you’re feeling a certain emotion, and that food is not going to solve the issue. Instead, go for a walk outside and you’ll notice that all of a sudden, you’re no longer craving the food.

2) Up Your Nutrient Intake

Another common cause of a craving is a lack of proper nutrients, either macro (carbs, fats and proteins) or micro (vitamins and minerals). Step one is to make sure that you are getting a good balance of carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein. Often times by simply increasing your protein & healthy fat intake and reducing your refined carbohydrate intake, you will notice a reduction in cravings.

Step two is to look at your vitamins & mineral intake. Are you getting enough of the basic nutrients found in vegetables? A great way to up your nutrient intake is with a green drink. greens+ extra energy gives the antioxidant equivalent to 6 servings of organic fruits and vegetables in just one serving, along with a mega dose of the superfoods acerola berry, chlorella, spirulina and green tea extract.

3) Get More Sleep

A quick and simple craving fix is getting more shut eye. Studies show that less sleep can actually cause the body to produce more ghrelin, a hormone causing you to feel hunger, and less leptin, a hormone causing you to feel satiated – thus leading to increased cravings. Aim to get eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, on as regular of a schedule as you can. For more tips on how to sleep better, check out this article.

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