Within gourmet restaurant settings, food presentation is of equal importance to food quality. In Montreal, many chefs choose elegant and high-quality dishware for their dining rooms, despite the fact that chic, decorative plates often go overlooked by diners keen to dig into whatever is sitting upon said plates. Fair enough; yet, wouldn’t it be wonderful to serve your own dinner guests in an equal fashion?

On May 3, Mile End’s very own 3 Femmes et 1 Coussin (783 Gilford), a crockery shop that provides dishware to numerous Montreal restaurants, will be celebrating its 10-year anniversary with an evening of cocktails and appetizers, from 3pm to 8pm. Founded in 2000 and since featured in several high-profile food and design magazines, 3 Femmes et 1 Coussin provide their clients with unique dinnerware, cutlery and glasses from Europe and abroad.

On the eve of their anniversary, a few rockstar-esque Quebec chefs will be joining the festivities, including Louis-François Marcotte (from Le goût de Louis cooking show on Canal Vie), Stelio Perombelon (chef at Les cons servent), Marie-fleur St-Pierre (chef at Tapeo) and many others.

Take this opportunity to visit their showroom, explore their wares and perhaps bring home a few pieces for your next family brunch or dinner party! 

~ Tyler Yank