After her two children were born, Faye Moxam wanted to shift gears. She noticed that the neighbourhood surrounding Sorauren Park was overflowing with small children, and yet the Queen Street stretch between Roncesvalles Avenue and Dufferin Street lacked a baby store.

With her experience in sales, and love for innovative things for little ones, Moxam co-founded This Little Piggy: a boutique that adds magic, charm and a whole lotta cute to Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood. With Velvet Moustache animal pillows decorating a bench in the front window, the sweet store also acts as a perfect pit stop for nursing moms.

When was the idea for This Little Piggy hatched?

I was on maternity leave, and not looking forward to leaving Nolan and Amelia in full-time care. I wanted to have the option to work a half day so that I could spend time with my children, and enjoy being a mom. I loved frequenting the local baby shops, and realized that if they could do it so could I!

What did you do before you opened a children’s store?

In the last few years I was mainly in sales, working for Microsoft in the Western Canada Territory, and Workopolis on growing their business development department. I really enjoyed sales, working with people, and the interaction has been easy for me. I love meeting new people and providing brands that people can feel good about at the end of the day.


How did becoming a mom impact your decision to change careers?

Being a mom changes everything. From the food you buy to the brands you shop for. I started looking at labels and ingredients on everything, and found that I was really leaning toward products that just made good sense. The baby industry is huge, and it’s fairly new. There are products for everything, from sucking snot our of sick babies’ noses, to mittens that go up to the elbows so they don’t rip them off. It is still a developing market, and we will see the introduction of new Canadian manufacturers every day. For example, hiprkids… keep an eye out. Wink wink.

What’s the most challenging thing about being a mom to young children, and running a business?

My children are 3 years old and 19 months. They are still very dependent on mommy, and want their routine to include me. Thankfully I have a lot of help, and that makes it easy for me to pop out and make deliveries, meet with vendors, and run the store. The most challenging piece is the guilt I deal with while being away from them. I am always nervous I’ll miss something special. I also haven’t slept through a full night in over three years, and that is a challenge all on its own.

How is being a mom an asset to running your own business?

I feel that I have more confidence than I did before. Being a mother gives you a whole new set of priorities, and the things that mattered before seem to not even exist now. I want to do what is best for my children and family. I want them to be proud of who their mother is, and set a good example for them. The world is a tough place, and I want to teach them the skills needed to succeed.

What do you love most about your Parkdale location?

Parkdale has such a wonderful spirit. I have lived here and shopped here for many years. I have seen the area grow and become an amazing place to own a business. People are really looking for Canadian, locally made products, with an edge, and with such a strong artistic community this is the perfect place to bring the two together.

What are a few of your most favourite items in the store right now?

I would have to say the Oemi Baby diaper bags. I want all of them. I really love the Stonz Wear baby booties and how easy they are to get off and on small feet. I also love the Substance baby lotion and wash we have that is locally made. It smells lovely.


What is the best gift to give a new mom?

Every mom needs pampering just as much as her baby. We carry great products for mothers as well. Bamboobies washable nursing pads, Substance lotions and creams for mom, as well as Cake Lingerie bras and nighties. Being a new mom is hard work, so it is nice to feel good while taking care of the wee one.

What do you love most about This Little Piggy?

This Little Piggy is a very welcoming store with great quality products. I feel very passionate about everything in the store, and that is why it is here. I know it works, and I know it will make a difference to new moms. Think of it like a parent-tested approach to stores.

This Little Piggy is located at 1594 Queen Street West. Follow them on Facebook