45 minutes / Challenging / $15

This necklace is beautiful (and with the right tools – really not that difficult)! We have been seeing a lot of geometric jewelry lately and just had to make some of our own. The challenge for this craft is really finding the right kind of wood, and ensuring you have something appropriate to cut it with!

This was a very experimental craft in that we bought the wood from the dollar store (It was a children’s mask made of wood) and used a combination of scissors/a small saw to cut out the shapes – NO easy task!!! We would recommend finding some nice, thin wood (no more than ¼ inch thick) at your local hardware store and finding a friend or parent who owns a jigsaw (or any kind of wood cutter able to do small cuts/turns) to do this craft if possible. You will also need a drill with a very tiny drill bit to create the holes for the jump rings. We promise it will all be worth it in the end 🙂


  • Thin plank of wood (no more than ¼ inch)
  • Drill with small drill bit
  • Wood cutter
  • Sand paper
  • Paint/nail polish and brushes
  • Jump Rings
  • Chain
  • Embellishments (Optional – we added feathers to ours, but do whatever you’d like!)


  1. Draw the shape you would like on the wood and cut it out with your wood cutter
  2. Sand the edges with your sand paper until they are smooth
  3. Drill a hole on the top left and top right edges of your necklace. To do this, we clamped the wooden bit onto a larger wooden piece on a table and drilled straight down (into the other piece of wood rather than over the edge of the table as this would have definitely resulted in the necklace breaking!)
  4. Smooth the holes with the sandpaper and then paint your piece of wood. Let it dry. You can paint both sides to make it reversible!! You may need to poke a small pin or the drill bit through the holes again if the paint has dried over them. Open your jump rings and loop them through the two holes – attach a long piece of chain to each jump ring.

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