Don’t mean to send everybody into a frenzy – we realize it’s still warm out, but there’s nothing wrong with thinking and planning ahead when it comes to the winter season. In fact, it’s highly encouraged: just ask our furry friends! Grizzly bears consume their weight in fish before they hibernate. Squirrels build chambers in the ground and bury seeds and other foods in anticipation of the chilly season. And we need to do the same, (sort of). We highly recommend purchasing your winter coat before the first snow fall. Wait too long, and you’re left with NOTHING! Then you spend the entire winter freezing your buns off in your fall jacket or being mistaken for a giant marshmallow with the only white, oversized parka you could find.

Here are some of our favourite coats for the winter season so you can stay warm and avoid looking like a giant glob of sugar!

Forever 21
Forever Cool Parka

We cannot get enough of the faux leather trim and detailing on the arms, so chic! Parka is fully lined AND padded. Try to beat this price point, WE DARE YOU 🙂

ASOS Petite
Longline Fur Coat

Faux fur and a funnel neckline. UMMMM, YES, PLEASE.

Roswell Parka

This winter, we’re all about fun colours and versatility. This coat can be worn in 3 different ways! #winninginwinter 

Merlot Lightweight Down Jacket

The colour is gorgeous and the sleeves come right off to make a super cute vest. Who doesn’t love a toofer? 

Paul by Paul Smith 
Romantic Rose Lined Padded Coat

We love this coat because it brings a hint of whimsy to an otherwise stark season. And, floral prints in the winter make us really happy!

Shawl Hood Swing Coat

If you’re looking for clean lines, with a dash of unique detailing (see asymmetrical pockets at the front) look no further! This baby will keep you as toasty as can be with a 100% wool lining!

Leather Trench

Have you ever wondered where warmth and great style collide? RIGHT HERE. We may need to save up for this gem, but we bet it’s totally worth it!